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Ridgecrest Starlings Volleyball Club

The Starlings believe in supporting the participation of girls in volleyball because:

Second Annual Ridgecrest Starlings Friendship Tournament - Dec 28, 2013 Ridgecrest Starlings Meet USA Olympian Courtney Thompson Beach Volleyball at Mission Beach during our second annual Nationals BBQ Volleyballs at the Las Vegas Invitational Tournament Our little brothers and sisters from Institut Edeline Felizor in Haiti Starlings Nationals Beach BBQ - 2013 18s with picture of thier little sister Doodemia Aujour Topah in the Middle at Qualifer 2 14s at the Grass Tournament in San Diego Yeah, we also play volleyball in the mud!
Ridgeccrest Starlings Friendship Tournament

Our second annual Friendship Tournament was a great success. Teams from Bishop, Tehachapi, Victorville and Ridgecrest were all there.

Congratulations to our own Ridgecrest Starlings 18s and 15s for finishing first in their pools.

2014 Ridgecrest Starlings

2014 Teams

2014- Ridgecrest Starlings - 18s

2014 - Ridgecrest Starlings - 15s

2014 - Ridgecrest Starlings - 14s

Starlings Volleyball Clubs, USA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt national organization (non profit tax ID # 33-0749769) which offers locally-based educational and volleyball programs to young girls.

The local Ridgecrest Starlings Volleyball Club is dedicated to offering an affordable club volleyball experience for younger players. If you would like to make a tax deducatable donation to assist us in our efforts please click on the "Donate" button on the right.

If you have practice facilities, equipment or supplies you would like to donate please contact the director.